Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Neighbour in Newspaper

Sabrina's friend / schoolmate / neighbour, Megan, made it on the front page of the Burlington Free Press (Wednesday, November 30, 2005 issue).

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Toronto Visit (4) - (11/23/05-11/27/05)

This is my younger sister, Vinie's classroom. She's a 3rd grade teacher in Mississauga. Her classroom is called a portable as it is not connected to the main school building. There are six portable classrooms in her school.

The inside of her classroom.

Thinga-majings on the walls.

Multi-cultured students. Accidentally (not really), took the picture of this teacher in pink. Found out that it was 'Pyjama Day' on the day of my visit.

Left: New computers in her classroom.
Right: Mom, Vinie, Sabrina, and me in her classroom.

Toronto Visit (3) - (11/23/05-11/27/05)

Hannah walking Buddy.

Hannah and Sabrina on right.

Sabrina on right with Buddy. The girls enjoyed taking Buddy for a walk. He did too.

Toronto Visit (2) - (11/23/05-11/27/05)

Maaji (means Grandma in Punjabi) with Sabrina and Hannah.

Group picture with Maaji and Kids. Hannah with Maaji.

Maaji teaching Sabrina how to make Chapatti (roti).

Sabrina rolling the dough to form the shape of the roti.

Hannah and Sabrina in a traditional Chinese outfit brought from Malaysia by Maaji.

Hannah showing off her clothes she received as presents.

Toronto Visit (1) - (11/23/05-11/27/05)

Sabrina and Hannah opening their birthday gifts given by Maaji, Ranie, and Vinie.

Blowing out their birthday cakes made by Maaji and Vinie. It was technically Sabrina's birthday but Hannah felt left out and Maaji decided to make her one too.

Kids licking the candles and birthday cake decorations.

Birthday decorations compliments of Ranie. She stayed up late on Thursday night decorating the living room.

Hannah and Sabrina.

Buddy The Dog

This is Buddy, my sister Vinie's dog. He's a Shitszu and a real nice, obedient dog. Yes, his name is really "Buddy".

Return Trip to Milton, Vermont - 11/27/05

Returned to Milton, Vermont from Mississauga, Ontario on Sunday (11/27/05). We left Mom's place at 4:05PM and arrived in Milton at 12:08AM (Monday 11/28/05). We made three stops along the way for gas and coffee, including dinner in Kingston, Ontario. It rained non-stop all the way home.

The route from Mississauga:
Hwy 403 East
Hwy 401 East
Hwy 20 East
Crossed over the Champlain Bridge
Hwy 10 East
Hwy 138
Crossed into the U.S. via the Phillipsburg border
US I-89 S
US Rt. 7 N
Voila! Home
Total trip = 433.4 miles (693.44 kms) door-to-door.

Trip to Toronto, Canada - 11/23/05

Drove to Mississauga, Ontario (Canada) to visit Mom, Ronnie, and Vinie. Oh ya, and the dog, Buddy too. We left Milton, Vermont on Wednesday evening (11/23/05) at 6:20PM and arrived at Mom's house in Mississauga, Ontario on Thursday (11/24/05) morning at 1:35AM. We made three stops along the way for gas and coffee. We encountered a snow storm 3/4 into the trip (between Kingston and Oshawa) which continued until we reached our destination.

The route from Milton:
US Rt.7 N
US I-89 N
VT 78
Crossing into Canada via the Alburg/Noyan border
Highway 15 East into Montreal
Crossed over the Champlain Bridge
Hwy 20 West
Hwy 401 West
Hwy 403 West
Total trip = 436 miles (697.6 kms) door-to-door!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Drive Home - 11/22/05

Left: My car in the parking lot at work after I had cleared it of some snow.
Right: Waiting for the lights at Mill Pond & Rt. 2A in Colchester.

Left: My car's wiper blades trying to work hard to keep the windshield clear of snow.
Right: This is my view as I was driving home after work today. You can somewhat see the road right smack in the middle. This is around 4:45PM.

Left: Pulled into my driveway. It is 5:05PM.
Right: My mailbox and newspaper box covered in snow.