Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Trip to Toronto, Canada - 11/23/05

Drove to Mississauga, Ontario (Canada) to visit Mom, Ronnie, and Vinie. Oh ya, and the dog, Buddy too. We left Milton, Vermont on Wednesday evening (11/23/05) at 6:20PM and arrived at Mom's house in Mississauga, Ontario on Thursday (11/24/05) morning at 1:35AM. We made three stops along the way for gas and coffee. We encountered a snow storm 3/4 into the trip (between Kingston and Oshawa) which continued until we reached our destination.

The route from Milton:
US Rt.7 N
US I-89 N
VT 78
Crossing into Canada via the Alburg/Noyan border
Highway 15 East into Montreal
Crossed over the Champlain Bridge
Hwy 20 West
Hwy 401 West
Hwy 403 West
Total trip = 436 miles (697.6 kms) door-to-door!

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