Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bad Bad Garbage Man!

I was home with Sabrina on Tuesday as she was sick. Tuesday is also the day when my garbage and recycling gets picked up. So, when we heard the garbage truck backup into my driveway, we decided to check it out from the kitchen window. What I saw really pissed me off, so I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped these pictures. This guy decided to skip a few steps and dumped all of the recycling materials together with the trash into the trash section of the garbage truck. Paper, cardboard, cans, plastics, and glass, all in the trash!

This was the third time that I have witnessed this incident, so I gave the trash company a call and asked them if they recycled, and they said, ".....yes, offcourse!" So, I asked, ".....then, why are ya trashing my recycling materials? Am I wasting my time recycling this crap?" Long story short, they agreed that the driver shouldn't have done that, and bla bla bla, and they will rectify the problem ASAP.

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Stef said...

Huh. Our recycle truck comes before our garbage truck does, so that doesn't happen. We use Myers, though.