Friday, June 02, 2006

Toronto Visit - May 24-28, 2006

Kids making a puzzle with Maaji and Aunt Vinie.
The puzzle is actually the Punjabi language alphabets.

Left: Indian Dosai, lamb curry, and sambals.
Right: Uncooked flat noodles. My Mom made a Malaysian
fried noodle dish called "Kueh Teow."

Play time with Buddy the dog.

Ranie reading with Hannah and Mom reading a book
in Punjabi to Sabrina.

My Mom's homemade bird feeder! It works real well.

Buddy getting a haircut. Looks like it took the village
to get him groomed!

Various buildings and scenery around Mississauga and Brampton.

My family and I visited my Mom and sisters in Toronto at the end of May. We generally make two visits a year and this was one of the them. It was great to see my Mom and sisters and I enjoyed my Mom's home cooked food. Yummy!
Thanks Mom.

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