Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Boys in Worcester

Mark, Gordon, and I attended the Microsoft Technology Briefing in Worcester, MA on December 6. This conference was organized by NERCOMP. We left Burlington on December 5th and returned on the 6th after the conference.

I have to say that Mark sucks at directions despite having all the necessary technology in his possession. He had a GPS unit suction-cupped to the windshield, which then plugged into his laptop. We had live satellite data using Microsoft Streets and Maps which showed us very accurate information on where we were actually located or moving to. Despite all of this, he would still tell me to turn left, when I should turn right, or go West, when I should go East. He also told me to go straight when the voice-activated GPS system told us to turn right in 12 meters! Guess what, the computer was right!

We might have only gone for one day, but it felt like a week! I now understand why he got lost in Boston when he was there on vacation with his family. Believe it or not, he was using his GPS system then too. Yup, the problem is not with the technology but with the operator. Apparently, the brain lobes did not triangulate like the satellites did. Oh well, I still love him!

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