Wednesday, January 03, 2007

January 3rd

January 3rd is a great day every year 'cos it's my Birthday!! Woohoo!

I had an awesome day today. It was unbelievably bright and sunny outside, and warm for January standards. Met my wife for lunch downtown and enjoyed the day outside. In the evening, my family took me out to Chili's to celebrate my birthday. My little girls dressed up in dresses, and my wife looked gorgeous! I had a couple of magaritas and boy, they do hit you a little later. Maybe, I'm just getting old, but regardless, I still feel young. I received wonderful presents from my family including some home-made birthday cards from my kids.

I had a great birthday, and it was made even more special by my family.
Thank you Jen, Sabrina, and Hannah!

Happy Birthday, Dude!

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Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday from Jo in Hinesburg.
You do remember Hinesburg don't you?