Thursday, January 25, 2007

Our New "Four Eyes"

My daughter, Sabrina, got her brand new eye glasses today.
She informed us recently that she wasn't able to see very well and that she gets headaches when she watches TV. Sabrina failed the vision tests in school and it was time to see an optometrist. She saw one on Monday, 1/22/07, and he confirmed that she needed some eye glasses. So, she chose what she liked, and we ordered it. Glasses and frame came up to around USD$235.00.

So, my wife picked her up after school and took her to pick up her new glasses and have them fitted. She then brought Sabrina to my work so, I could see the new look. Hannah visited too. I like her new glasses. I think she looks very good in them. We decided to go to the Ground Round to celebrate the first day of her wearing her new eye glasses.

Tommy Hillfiger frame. She's got style!

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