Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bill Cosby in Burlington VT

My wife and I received tickets at Christmas time for the Bill Cosby show in Burlington, Vermont. It was held at the Memorial Auditoriam in downtown Burlington on March 24, 2007. We had such a difficult time finding a babysitter for our kids and I was prepared to stay home if things didn't work out. My wife's relatives who live close by weren't too keen to babysit and even came up with some unreasonable excuses. We finally found a babysitter at the last minute through a recommendation from our regular babysitter.

The show was pretty good and there were some good laughs. We had excellent seats, about eight rows from the stage. This picture was taken with my phone cam at the end of the show as Bill Cosby was leaving the stage. Obviously, the quality of this shot is quite poor. We weren't allowed to bring any recording devices or photgraphic equipment.
A special Thank you goes to Betsy and Joe for the tickets. We had a good time

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t anderson said...

what a great pix!