Sunday, April 29, 2007

This Town Is Too Small

This is my co-worker, Anthony with his kids outside the Burlington City Hall.
I went to City Hall on 4/26/07 to get a copy of my kids' birth certificates. I needed these documents in order to apply for their passports, which I did immediately after receiving their birth certificates.
We met Anthony by coincidence. We walked out of City Hall and he was walking with his kids close by. We chatted for a little bit while our kids played together.

At The Dentist

My kids at the dental office for their routine dental checkup (4/26/07).
In the left picture, you can see Sabrina taking a picture of her sister.

At The Park

The week off (4/23/07-4/27/07) with my kids was very special, enjoyable, and fun.
We did something together everyday, picnic, waterfront, play at the park, Pizza Putt, movies, and other activities. I also took them to their dental appointments and we also went together to the Burlington Post Office to apply for their US passports.
Looking forward to more special times with my kids. I love them very much!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Jackie, My Stylist

I had my haircut today at my usual spot in downtown Burlington.
The girl on the left is Jackie, and she's my hairstylist. She is friendly, professional, and a good stylist.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Lunch At The Waterfront

I took the week off to spend time with my kids. They had the week off from school for Spring Break and we thought that we would keep them away from daycare in order for them to get a good break.
I did something special with them everyday. It was a gorgeous day on Monday and I didn't want to waste it by staying indoors. I took them to a park nearby where they played and had lots of fun. We packed a lunch as I had planned to have a picnic with my kids at the waterfront. We picked my wife from work and we had a nice family picnic together at the waterfront in downtown Burlington.
It was a fabulous day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Garage Doors


I had two new garage doors installed today.
The old doors started to deteriorate even further since my last blog post on June 25, 2006. See that post here. For the last 3 months, I had to manually open and close the doors, which was a pain in the behind! These are insulated metal doors and they should last for a long time. I hope!

The routine when I left the house:
*Open door
*Start car
*Reverse car out of garage
*Get out of car
*Close door
*Get back into car

The routine when I returned home:
*Park car outside of garage
*Get out of car
*Open garage door

*Get back into car
*Drive car into garage
*Get out of car
*Close garage door

Now, that's a pain in the butt!!

Trucks and Van



Trucks for garbage pickup and heating fuel, and a van from the garage door company in my driveway, and all on the same day!
Heavy traffic at Casa Dhaliwal!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


This is Snowball, a Shitzu-Poodle mix dog. I wonder if they call them Shitpoo!!
My wife decided to babysit Snowball on the weekend of 4/20/07 for a co-worker. They had to go out-of-town and were frantically looking for a kennel. My wife thought it would be neat to have a dog temporarily and to see how our girls would react to her. Snowball is an 8 year old dog and she is wonderful. She is extremely quiet and very obedient. Taking care of her seemed too easy. My girls loved her and were very responsible in taking care of her. It was a good test run.
We miss Snowball. We hope to have a dog someday. We like Shitzu and Yorkshire Terriers.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring Snow!

Another quick and dirty snowfall in April. This one occured on April 5, 2007.

Spring Mess!

This is the mess you get at Spring time. Melting snow, pools of water, mud, yuck, yuck, and yuck!

Taffy on Snow - Montreal

We had taffy on snow at the Botanical Garden's in Montreal.
A scoop of thick maple syrup is spread in a thin line on snow. After a few seconds, the mixture hardens up a little more and then you roll it on a stick and enjoy!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Vasakhi 2007

It's Vasakhi!!

Vasakhi is a Sikh New Year, celebrated by Sikhs throughout the world.
Read more about Vasakhi
Read all about
Happy Vasakhi everyone!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oh Deer!!

I saw deer in my front yard this morning. Not one but four! It was incredible, it was awesome! I was home today with Sabrina. She didn't go to school as she wasn't feeling well. I was on the phone in Hannah's room when I glanced out the window and saw a deer. It was only about 10 feet away from the window. I quickly hung up the phone, rushed to get my camera, told Sabrina, and started to snap away. As I was taking the first few shots, another one showed up. After a few shots, a third deer, then finally the fourth one made it's appearance.
Sabrina and I watched quietly until they were spooked by a passing vehicle. They ran into the woods and blended in with the trees and shrubs. Sabrina and I were really excited and happy that we had the opportunity to witness these animals on our front lawn. We've been living in this house for close to 10 years and we've never seen any deer on our property. What a rare occurence.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Matt!

It's Matt's birthday today. This dude is still a child. He's only 29!
Happy Birthday, Bro!

Daddy.....My Glasses Broke!

Sabrina called me from school this morning to let me know that her new eye-glasses broke during gym class. She was quite upset. She informed me that she had placed them between her shoes at the start of gym class and it was accidentally stepped on by a kid from her class. It was an accident. He didn't see it and didn't know it was there. I told Sabrina that these things happen and it wasn't her fault. She is very careful with her glasses and takes good care of it.
We have ordered a new pair for her and she'll have to go without them for about a week.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Montreal in Color!

This is the Palais Des Congres building in Montreal or also known as the Montreal Convention Center. One side of the building is covered by these colored windows.
I was there at the right time when the sun was shining in from the right direction on a mid Sunday morning. I enjoyed photographing at this location.

Around Montreal - March/April 2007

Scenes from Montreal, Quebec, Canada in March/April 2007.