Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hannah - 2nd Lost Tooth

Hannah lost her 2nd tooth today (5/27/07). It has been loose for a couple of weeks but she just didn't want to pull it out. She finally got it out after a gentle wiggle. The Tooth Fairy came and left her some money but not as much as the last time.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lunch With Boys - May 2007

I had lunch with the boys on May 8, 2007 on the UVM Green. We picked up some food from the "roach coaches" and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon. Gordon, Bill, and I had Chinese, and Mark had a sandwich.

Left to Right:
Gordon, Bill, Mark.

UVM Maple Festival

UVM held it's Maple Festival on April 20, 2007 open to all UVM faculty, staff, and students. I believe it was also Earth Week and therefore, you see the coffee cups hanging from the tree branches (last two pictures). This is done to raise awareness for the amount of waste that goes into the landfill everyday.
On April 20th (4/20/xx) each year and at 4:20PM, some UVM students gather on the UVM Green to celebrate 420 which is a police code for marijuana. They gather, light up a joint, smoke it, and then disperse peacefully. It's quite low key and doesn't really generate much publicity.

Friday, May 18, 2007


My kids having some fun making bubbles. They made a really huge one but by the time I got the camera, it popped!

No More Porn Star!

My buddy, Mark, finally shaved off his mustache. Now, he doesn't look like a porn star anymore. Phew! Maybe, we teased him enough or made a lot of references to adult movies.
He needs to stay away from the mustache. Really brings out the dirty side of him. Furthermore, I hated it. Now, stay this way, Dude!

Good Luck, Bo!

Bo from the College of Medicine Dean's Office left recently (5/18/07) to pursue his career at another organization. He is now a Human Resources Manager. Bo is a great guy, fun to be with, a joker, and just an awesome person. We will miss him!
Good luck, Bo!

Warranty Parts

My buddy, Mark, posing with the Dell Warranty Parts boxes ready to be shipped back to Dell. These boxes consist of System Boards, LCD screens, Palm Rests, Top Covers, and other plastic parts for Dell Latitude D Series laptops. These are one day's worth of replacement parts on a bad day.

Wet Dreamz!

I saw this car and had to take a picture. Good thing I had my Nikon with me.
He or she is looking for a wet dream.
Can anyone help?!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's Working!!

The new drainage system is working. Woohoo!
This is so exciting. Our wet basement days are over!

Grow Grass Grow!

This is what a good portion of my lawn looks like right now.
We lost a lot of the grass due to the excavation work and the grading of the land around the house. We seeded the lawn with grass seeds and covered it with hay. It took at least 8 bales of hay to cover most of it. I could use another couple of bales but we'll see for now.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hannah - 1st Lost Tooth


Hannah lost her first tooth on Saturday, 5/12/07. Woohoo!
My wife was helping Hannah with her bath and she spit the tooth out in my wife's hands. We cheered and gave high-fives! This is a major event in a child's life!
Hannah carefully placed the tooth in an envelope and then tucked it under her pillow. Sure enough, the Tooth Fairy came and left her with some money. The Tooth Fairy was quite generous especially for the first tooth.

Hannah has been waiting for this day for quite a long time.
We love you Hannah!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

General Tao!

This is the owner of the Chinese food cart at the UVM Green.
Occasionally, I would get Chinese food from him. It's not the best but it's good enough for lunch and it's cheap. You can get a filling lunch for USD$4.00 which is quite cheap for lunch prices in the area. Furthermore, he knows that I require a lot of hot chili sauce, which he generously slaps on.
I usually call him "Chief". This is more of an Asian thing and people generally refer to another as "Chief" out of respect and as an ice-breaker. I should ask him for his real name. Maybe it's "Lucky".
In any case, he's a real nice chap.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Damn Snake

I found this snake against the house a day after the excavation work was completed. I was raking stones and levelling the dirt from the excavation work when I saw this snake. It's a garter snake or sometimes called a garden snake. They are generally small in size but this one was quite long and large compared to some of the other garter snakes I've seen on my property over the years. This dude was quite agressive. It kept striking at me and often had it's mouth open.
I scopped it up with a shovel, and let it go further away in some bushes.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Excavation 2007

More pictures of the excavation on Flickr.
We finally had the nerve and courage to get a new drainage system placed around our house. One of the biggest reasons for putting it off for all these years was finances. No, we did not strike it rich and our financial situation is still the same. We ended up getting a loan, so now, we owe more!

Due to the inedequate drainage around our house, we would have a wet floor, wet walls, and sometimes a puddle in our basement. We were very concerned about the condition of the foundation and knew that we would have a bigger problem to deal with if we didn't get it fixed. The new drainage system will fix our water problems. It will also increase the value of the house and we'll finally be able to do some renovation in the basement.

COMIS Potluck - 4/4/07

We had a potluck lunch at work today. This was made possible by my department, COMIS, as well as COMET, COM A/V, and Medphoto.
Everyone brought something to contribute, and we had enough to have seconds and thirds and...........
Everything was so delicious!
We all had a good time together.
Thank you to evryone.