Sunday, July 01, 2007

Dana New Computers

The Dana Medical Library at UVM recently received new computers as part of the replacement cycle. Mark and I completed the first half of this project in June (20 computers) and we'll finish the second half (21 computers) sometime in July. The only challenging part of this project are the cables. There are so many per machine and they are of various lenghts and sizes. They have to be neatly bundled and zip-tied under the desks and does require two people. One to hold the cables together, while the other zip-ties. Mark and I generally lay on our backs when we work with the cables. We always find something amusing to joke about and we always make light of the situation by having a good time. Usually, we play "Dell Tech Support", where one of us is the helpless computer user and the other is the tech support person, usually from India with an Indian accent. With some reason changes in my department, this may be one of the last big projects I'll be working with Mark. Hopefully, it's not the case.

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