Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ferrari Show 2007

I was invited to attend the annual Ferrari Show on Church St in downtown Burlington by John Nichols, the president of the Ferrari club. John was quite impressed with my pictures from last year's show and asked if I could take pictures of this year's show as well. My wife knows John too as they both attend the same ballroom dance event in Essex held once a month on a Saturday. I was given a wrist band and was freely allowed to move around to take pictures. I enjoyed photographing this event as I was able to get really close to the cars and managed to capture some creative shots, Harjit style! The Ferrari show is a charity event and all proceeds go to Camp-Ta-Kumta, a camp catered for children with cancer or had cancer. This was another reason why I was excited to photograph this event and could not decline the offer. Cancer hits close to home as my father, a few relatives, and some close friends have succumbed to this deadful disease.

That's me in a Lotus. I can't tell you the model of this car as I'm not too familiar with exotic cars. The gentleman that owns this car is a chiropractor from Stowe VT. He approached me and started a conversation as I barely started to photograph the show. He then invited me to sit in his car to check it out and took this picture of me. He was one of the most pleasant guys at the show, and I'm Thankful to him for giving me the special opportunity.
So, after a few hours, I managed to capture close to 200 pictures of the show and they look great. Check them out on my Flickr.
For a slideshow, click HERE.

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