Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Swimming Pool!

We finally have a swimming pool. Woohoo!
The pool was installed today (7/18/07) by Avalon Pools, the company where I purchased it from. I met them at the house around 9:00AM to go over some details and where I wanted the pool installed. The ground was dug & levelled, pool setup, 3 truck loads of water delivered, and the pool was ready in 6 hours! That's incredible! It was a big investment for us but in the long run, it's worth the cost. We don't have to deal with inflatable pools and pay for water deliveries every year. This pool should last us for at least 20 years! My kids will be out of the house by then, so we'll say 15 years!

The new pool is 24 feet wide and 52 inches high. The water depth is around 4 feet. Tempereature of the pool today is 62 F.
Brrrrrrrr..... A little too cold!

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