Monday, August 13, 2007

Sepaq Camping 2007

The chalet and wood shed.

Family meals, breakfast and dinners.

Hanging out. Travis stuffed dinner napkins in his ears pretending that he didn't want to hear our conversations. Silly man!

The lake! This lake is called Lac Des Iles (Lake Islands) because it has many little islands on it. Some are just huge rocks protruding from the water.

The cousins having fun and enjoying their time together.

The evening campfires. We had one every evening. We all would sit around the fire and talk and just relax. The nights were a little cool, so it was nice to warm up by the fire. It kept the mosquitos away too.

Everyone read all the time. Some would even read with lanterns when it got dark.

Relaxation time.

We vacationed at the end of July at a provincial park in Quebec, Canada. This year, we chose Parc Frontenac (South Section) and stayed at a chalet off Lac Des Iles (Lake Islands). The entrance to the park is close to a little town called Disraeli (about 15 miles) and then another 6 miles to the chalet on dirt road.

The whole family together. Everyone wanted a group picture, so, I setup my tripod, and used a remote control to activate the camera. This was taken on the morning of the last day of our stay at the park.

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Mark said...

Great pic's it looks like you guy's had fun. Awesome!